About Boi(s)

We are Boi Society

Boi Society is a creative group of individuals who identify on the queer spectrum around the world. Our mission is to provide education of our community to develop a more positive relationship within society. This relationship will not only promote acceptance, respect and tolerance of all individuals regardless of their identity background, it will also raise awareness and support to the individuals who are members of our community. We are the most diverse illustration of a non-confrming lifestyle. We are not here to label. We honor and represent the entire queer community.



Bookings: BoisWorldTour@gmail.com

Boi Society is an organization that is devoted to education to develop a more positive awareness to the community as a whole. This workshop will focus on individual’s experiences, as it is those experiences that make up the community. The speaker will delve into topics around being queer and/or non-conforming. Engaging the audience and opening up the forum about individual’s internal journey’s giving them the opportunity to embrace themselves and others.