Ask the Bois: Ambers Closet

Ask the Bois: Ambers Closet

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Question: Do you remember the first time you stepped out in what society considers “masculine” clothes? How did you feel? What did your outfit look like?

Amber: Yes I do. Besides doing this when I was younger; I started to try to dress more masculine when I started to go out to gay clubs. I started realizing that the type of girls that I liked were more interested in the more tomboy looking girl; so I started to change it up; plus I had always been a tomboy deep down inside. The first time I wore some girl jeans but sagged them to make them look like skinny jeans, some sneakers, a cut off mens t-shirt with a sports bra underneath and a black backwards cap. I never felt so comfortable and free. When I did this for the first time in public, I was very shy and nervous; but after a while I realized that it wasn’t that big of a deal and I stopped caring what people thought and DID ME!! lol

I was very shy and nervous; but after a while I realized that it wasn’t that big of a deal and I stopped caring what people thought and DID ME!! lol

Question: How has your success tailored your life?

Amber: I definitely wouldn’t say I’m successful….yet….but being where I am on YouTube has come as such a surprise to me, and I am so appreciative of it everyday! In the past I was more a behind the scenes person. Very business oriented. But after being on a few of my friends YouTube page and getting a response, I decided to try it. Never would I have thought it would become by job and bring me so many opportunities that I would have otherwise not received or not pursued. I am able to pursue a lot of my dreams that I didn’t ever think was possible, like acting.

I want to be able to do great things with my platform, such as spread positivity, inspire people, make people love themselves for who they are and never stop striving for their dreams; but at the same time spread knowledge and experience, because life is not easy and we must take every obstacle as a lesson and keep going.

Question: What is your favorite thing about a woman besides their appearance?

Amber: I think my favorite things about a woman is her hustle/determination mindset. I love a woman that wants more for herself. A person that sets her mind to something and does it. Someone that keeps me on my toes because they are non-stop. It’s an amazing thing to be with someone that can motivate you and vice versa. Some other attributes are to be outgoing, adventurous and has a kind heart.

Question: Do you feel that being on YouTube has changed your relationship in anyway?

Amber: Yes and no. It can be very hard sometimes to find time to do videos together, and the process of making them good can be frustrating and cause arguments at times lol….but overall, its fun! There are times where you may be irritated or arguing but you still have to put a smile on and do the video; but to me that is a better problem to have versus my problems that I had at my last desk job.

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