Spotlight: FTM Stylist Mickey Ellis

Spotlight: FTM Stylist Mickey Ellis


This week, the Boi(s)’ team is putting our spotlight on model and stylist, Mickey Elli$. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, but a current resident of Atlanta, Georgia, Elli$ identifies as an FTM, and is proud to say they represent “the T in LGBT also known as transgender.” Mickey designs their own clothing line, and has given back to the queer community through acts such as designing and selling hats to raise money for the WeAreOrlando LGBT Resource Center in Florida. Below is our interview with them.
Boi(s): So, what’s your story? How did you become so stylish?
Mickey: I guess I’ve always had it in me. People would always compliment me on the way I dressed, but I didn’t really think nothing of it until I got nominated as “Best Dressed” in high school. That’s when my fashion journey began: senior year of high school.
Boi(s): How has your choice of fashion and expression affected your journey through life.
Mickey: I changed my major in college from engineering to fashion that’s when I knew that this is something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.
Boi(s):  What got you into the fashion industry and what advice would you give someone looking to break into the industry?
Mickey: This is my passion. It’s what comes easiest to me. I love this fashion shit, and  to anyone trying to get into the industry, I say:  if you feel like it’s your passion, go with it. Follow your heart. Always follow your heart.
Boi(s): How do you identify and how does your identity of fact or is affected by how you express yourself through fashion?
Mickey: I identify as male, female to male FTM transgender, and it hasn’t really affected anything, to be honest. People still respect and admire me as they always have. Most people know that I am transitioning, and a lot of people don’t. Soon, everyone will know, but I don’t think it will affect anything. I kind of hesitated with going forth with my transition for a long while and sooner than later was like, “Forget it. I know people will respect me more for living my truth and being my true self.” I want to make it cool to be yourself, if that makes sense.
Boi(s): What does fashion mean to you and how important do you think fashion is to boi/stud/tomboy/trans masculine identity?
Mickey: I think it’s important to dress how you feel comfortable never try to be anything that you’re not or do anything that is out of your comfort zone always dress to your comfort level and as far as how important it is to the LGBT community just be yourself.
Boi(s):  To end on a lighter note who are your fashion inspirations?
Mickey: of course Kanye, Pharrell, Jeremy Scott,  Nick Wooster, Alexander Wang that’s just to name a few.





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