DR. MLK: Yes I’m Black, I’m Proud of It

DR. MLK: Yes I’m Black, I’m Proud of It


At Boi Society, we understand oppression. Our society fights for equality all around the world. The right to love who we want, to identify the way we want. The right to merely exist in a society that sees you differently for no other reason than you don’t look and act like them.  We understand the fear that ensues when you enter a room where you are hated simply because you are different.

I’m Black and I’m Proud of It.

Today we honor just one of the millions of people who have fought for quality and justice. Dr. Martin Luther King is shown in media as a lover of all people and as a man who wanted equality and integration. The Dr, was also a radical. He spoke out against the war, he called out the United States for refusing to distribute wealth equally amongst the people. The king went to great lengths to raise the consciousness of people around him. He spoke about meditation, seeing ones self as adequate and beautiful. He knew that being equal was not just integrating lunch counters (the equivalent of letting LGBTQ people get married). He understood that black people needed genuine equality; Economically and Socially.

I believe this is so important because I believe the queer community, specifically the Queer Woman of Color community, is truly the intersection of oppression. We have seen the  equalities of white supremacy at every turn. We see discrimination based on our race, and our gender. We see disparity because of our cultural background. I believe this intersection give us the ability to also free the world and fight for the equality to for all. So today we honor one of our brothers, as we continue to fight for the freedom of all people.

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