Barber Tips: Feel Great about your Cut

Barber Tips: Feel Great about your Cut

Photo by Nye Lyn Tho
Barber: Christian Eddings                Model: Ahmunet             Photo by: Nye Lyn Tho

5 Keys to feeling great about your haircut

Getting a great haircut at times can feel like a daunting experience. I remember when I first moved to the Bay area. It took me forever to find the right barber, and then once I moved across the city, I continued to travel 45 minutes out of my way to see the same barber. Not because he was the best, but because I was comfortable with the relationship I had built with him. As a queer person finding the best barber, in the best environment, that can actually give you the exact cut you want can just be overwhelming. So I asked acclaimed bay area barber Christian Eddings to give us 5 great tips on getting the haircut you want.

1. Comfort:

CE: Feel out your Barber or Barbershop. If it lacks the safety, good energy and vibes you generally seek in your day to day life, move on. No haircut is worth discomfort. Even a great one.

Boi(s): There really are no exceptions to this rule. Sometimes barber shops can be hyper masculine spaces, and sometimes that is the best part about them. Make sure your barber and the people around are respectful of your presence. It should feel safe and inclusive.


Barber: Christian Eddings          Model: Ahmunet                    Photo by: Nye Lyn Tho

CE: Both you and your Barber should maintain a steady stream of consistency. Not only with how your Barber cuts your hair but standing appointments hold you both accountable and creates a level of importance and convenience.

Boi(s): Remember this is still a business relationship. You should be respectful of your barber’s time. Show up on time, show up often and when warranted definitely tip well. I consider my barber to be as important as my lawyer. We don’t miss appointments and I come prepared with exactly what I am looking for.

Barber: Christian Eddings               Model: Ahmunet,             Photo by: Nye Lyn Tho

3. Communication:

CE: Haircuts are 20% skill and 80% vocalization. A Barber can be great at giving haircutting, but a terrible listener. It isn’t worth it if you aren’t getting what you want. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Boi(s): This was initially very hard for me, I considered my barber the professional so I gave them free range to do their thing but I wasn’t always happy. So I began bringing pictures and really discussing direction with them. I would then ask their opinion.  This makes the experience easy for both me and my barber.

Photo by Nye Lyn Tho
Barber: Christian Eddings             Model: Ahmunet                 Photo by: Nye Lyn Tho


4. Care:

CE: Find a product that works for you. The most expensive isn’t always best. But step out and try different things according to your texture, sensitivity to scent, natural ingredients and brand. Have fun with styling your hair. The only person in the mirror, is you.

Boi(s): Hair care needs will differ drastically according to your hair’s natural identity. Your barber may have some suggestions, but for the most part its trial and error. When you find what works stick to it.

Photo by Nye Lyn Tho
Barber: Christian Eddings                 Model: Ahmunet              Photo by: Nye Lyn Tho

5. Confidence:

CE: Rock whatever style you choose with your confidence level on 10! Own it!

Boi(s): You said it Christian! BE YOU! Try new things. What’s the point of being queer and fabulous if you are not willing to take some risks and actually do exactly what you want.



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