Review: Nik Kacy Footwear

Review: Nik Kacy Footwear

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Nik Kacy Footwear Review:

I was already attracted to the Nik Kacy brand.  I have been watching their growth since the release of their kickstarted campaign earlier in the year. The company is owned and operated by Nik Kacy, who believed gender shouldn’t stop people from enjoying high quality footwear. I, myself, wear a size 7 in “men’s” shoes and sometimes find it extremely frustrating to run across an amazing shoe only to hear the store doesn’t even carry my size. Talk about killing the vibe. So when Nik Kacy offered Boi(s) a pair of boots to review, I had to jump as the opportunity.

Appearance: I was anxious like a 6 year old child on christmas morning to receive a pair of high quality boots, that I knew were going to fit.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I pulled my new Nik Kacy’s out of the Box. The boots were wrapped in a black felt bag with the Nik Kacy Logo on it, which I thought was such a nice touch. It makes it clear these are not just any other boots.

“It makes it clear these are not just any other boots”

The quality just continued from there. The first thing I noticed was the flawless design and quality of the materials. I was almost afraid to wear them for the first time. As if the shoe  belonged on display in a museum as opposed to trapped under my feet as a protection from the ground. Im not sure I have ever felt that way about a shoe before. The next thing I noticed and loved about the shoe, was the bright red stitching that highlighted the sole. It again let me know that time and consideration was put into the design of my Nik Kacy Boots. My favorite part about walking in these boots, is the sound they make when they hit the ground. The sole makes a click clam noise as if I was wearing a high heel stiletto and that makes me feel very powerful walking down the street, or into a room.

Comfort: I am usually reluctant when buying high end dress shoes because most of them are built with thin soles and not meant for long term walking. I wore the Nik Kacy’s all day and really took notice to how comfortable this boot was. I had no soreness at all which is uncommon. I have worn them several times since, and still have not once needed to complain about comfort. Another plus for our friends over at the Nik Kacy Company.

Price: Now price is where Nik loses a couple cool points. These beautiful designed, handcrafted, gender neutral, magnificent boots will cost you $400 retail. I must admit when I first heard the price, my wallet cried a little bit. After hearing Nik’s journey, mission, and effort in bringing these boots to fruition. I understand the price point and support the movement.

Overall: I really love my new Nik Kacy Boots. I would absolutely buy another pair, and I would definitely recommend you the new collection.



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