Identity Feature: Coco and Breezy

Recently we ran into Coco and Breezy the amazing twin duo behind the popular eyeglasses brand Coco and Breezy and we asked them to tell us about their style and how it relates to their identity. Here is what they had to say….




Both: With us being twins, a lot of people don’t give us credit for our individuality. When you really get into us, we have our own unique styles that match our own unique personalities.

Breezy: I have been a tomboy all of my life, the twin that’s more rough on the edges, extremely fearless, and laid back. My personal style really shows who I am and another way to tell us apart. I dress the way I do because it’s me and I feel most comfortable wearing comfortable clothing. Leather, all black, sneakers and a SnapBack or hat and I’m good.

Coco: I have always been more feminine in my style. Breezy has inspired me to tap into mixing it up with a tomboy feminine fusion. My personality is more motherly, up tight and chill . That really shows in my style and my own individuality from my sister . I’m the twin that will wear a tomboy outfit but have to make it sexy and throw on some heels.

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