Takeover Photoshoot: Boi(s) x Goorin Bros North Beach

Takeover Photoshoot: Boi(s) x Goorin Bros North Beach


Boi(s) continues to prove that Menswear is the new Womenswear and this time around we are taking no prisoners. We convinced Goorin Bros North Beach, a 100 year old hat store, to let our diverse all Queer Women of Color fashion team come in, play dress up, and show off their amazing hat collection. We had so much fun and here are the results for you to see. Hopefully these pictures will continue to inspire you to dress however you like, and prove that clothes have no gender.

Special Thanks to the Boi(s) Team that made this fantasy come to life.

Renowned Photographer: Nye’ Lyn Tho 

Barber and Stylist: Christian Eddings,

Fashion Marketer: Mariela Valles 

Model: Sarai Bordeaux 

and Goorin Bros Employee and Model: Natalie Coblentz 

Check out more Goorin Bros Merchandise at www.Goorin.com

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