Nature Boi: Connecting Spirit, Soul, & the Outdoors

Nature Boi: Connecting Spirit, Soul, & the Outdoors


Nature Boi: Connecting Spirit, Soul, & the Outdoors

By Byrd Waters


We all read the signs. The leaves begin to change to an unmistakeable burnt orange hue. The sun breaks through the dawn a little later each day. It means Autumn has arrived: the glorious season of preparation and reflection. Animals are storing food, students and professors are stocking up on pencils and notebooks, and pumpkin spice everything is hitting the shelves. So in anticipation of its arrival, I decided to take one last trip into the woods to hang loose and hammock before the hustle and bustle of fall takes my time.


As Bois, we have had to create our own universe.  We have had to take the binary world around us and make it our own uniquely coded story, filled with people that look like us, sound like us, and redefine what it means to be a part of the human experience.  And our culture evolves, goes through change, dies and is reborn anew– just like the seasons.  We are nature and nature is us.  We are a collection of stardust magnetized to each fallen leaf, each gust of wind, each drop of rain.


Here in Washington State, otherwise known as PNWonderland, the pulchritude of nature is unlike any other place in the world.  The Cascade mountains consume you from all sides, and the Douglas-Fir and Ponderosa trees tower above you, holding centuries old stories in their rings, while the banana slugs move about your feet at a steady pace, reminding you to take your time and appreciate life’s slow and arduous progress. But worry not. You don’t need to live in the Pacific Northwest to find beauty. These simple treasures can be found right over that hill in your neck of the woods too.  All it takes is a little curiosity and intention.


So, first ask yourself, what do I want to feel?  Do you want your morning commute to be a little calmer?  Do you want the relationship with your bois to feel more grounded and nourishing? Do you want to learn to love and celebrate the skin you are in, while helping others in your life do the same?  What do you want to experience on this prodigious planet called Earth?  Take a few moments to make a plan, and then execute it.  I believe all things start with connecting spirit, soul, and nature.  


The first thing you’ll need..well actually it is the only thing you will need, is the desire to experience something different.  Whether you are planning a trip an hour away or you just want to make a pot of chai tea, put on your favorite uniquely checkered flannel, and sit on your balcony while watching the clouds form and reform in front of your eyes, you just have to want to do something for yourself.  Building your relationship with nature takes little to no effort, it simply takes…you.


As this series moves forward, we will go on a journey of self-discovery.  We will explore ideas on how to find peace with nature while seated smack dab in the middle of your densely populated city or the best way to maximize an overnight road trip to your region’s State Park.  We will talk about how to be fashionable and functional during the changing seasons.  How to use a map to access the road less travelled (I know you Generation Z Boi(s) are like, “why?  I have a phone for that,” but trust me, there is freedom in finding your way all on your own). How to plan for any situation.  How to take what you’ve learned and teach the young ones how to trust their instincts and build their own relationship with their spirit, their soul, and of course, with nature.  

We’re going on an adventure, Boi(s), let’s discover ourselves…together.


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