How To: Light Layers

How To: Light Layers


How To: Light Layers

By Nic De Luna

Fall is on its way. The days are already shortening; life is beginning to slow down from the buzz of the summer. Pumpkin spice is on it’s way back. And of course, the best part about Fall? Layers. Layers are an essential Fall look, and doing it properly takes a little practice. But don’t worry, the bois at Boi(s) are here for you.


First things first, early fall means light layers: t-shirts, light sweaters, button-ups, and jackets. We’re still in the time when the weather can change from hot to chilly, and light layers mean being able to be comfortable with whatever the weather throws at you.


The first thing to pay attention to when shopping for light layers is the weight of the fabric. For example, in a button-up you’ll want to go with a shirt that’s lightweight cotton to mid-weight flannel. For sweaters, also look for lightweight cotton. And find jackets – trenchcoats and harringtons – or for an easy, all-occasions look, grab a vest instead.


Next, think in combinations. This is key. What t-shirt do you have that you can wear under a sweater, but that will also go with your vest? Which jackets will bring out the classic potential of a plain t-shirt, or which combination of shirt-sweater-jacket won’t be overwhelming both in how bulky they look, or how well the colors pop or match. Remember that layers don’t mean just throw anything together. You want them to compliment each other, and have each piece of clothing bring out something special in the others.

Let’s not forget the pants. Dark denim goes with everything – okay, nearly everything. And a classic khaki-colored or even grey chino is going to last throughout the year. Combinations increase your wardrobe without emptying your wallet. Buying a t-shirt, sweater, and jacket that go well with each other means six to seven looks you can sport if you’re smart.


Combinations don’t have to stop with the light layers you buy this season. Once the weather starts to cool down consistently, wear your light pieces with the winter wear you already own. Pair the light sweater with a medium to heavy weight button up. It will keep you warm without breaking into a sweat. Or wear your vest over the zip-up hoodie you never take off. It gives you the street style you want without the bulk.


When done right, the light layers you buy in fall really can be worn in every season.


There’s also the advantage that layers can change the shape of your body. So think about the structure and patterns of the pieces you’re buying. A relaxed fit button up over a t-shirt can play down the chest and give the boxier torso you may be looking for. A jacket or vest is a go-to for getting more of the rectangular or even triangular shape you may be trying for. A jean or military jacket is great for this, and both are trending this season. Thin horizontal stripes can highlight curves, but can be great as an under layer.



So as you’re increasing your wardrobe this fall, think about those light layers: the weight, combinations, and shapes. Light layers can give you the most for your money and be the stand out pieces that define your style.


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