Game Changer: Domo the Model [Q&A]

Game Changer: Domo the Model [Q&A]

Dominique Pryor, also known as Domo The Model, has been breaking down barriers in the menswear fashion community, and according to her most recent photoshoots with Boi Society Photographer Rose M. of Candid Ready Photography, and Michael Wood she is just getting started. Dominique got started modeling after her friend asked her to pose for the portfolio they were building. Domo states that at first she was completely reluctant but the experience completely changed the way she saw herself. She just came off the largest runway gig of her career at New York Fashion Week to sit down with Boi(s) and talk about what has been going on in her career…

Boi Society: First Let me say thank you for doing this interview with us, I’m excited to catch up with you.

Photo by: Rose Moroney

Domo The Model: All, love. Thank you for having me, I appreciate this opportunity.


Boi Society: Ok, lets start at the beginning. So you stated in an interview with Black Diamond that when you friend asked you to pose for their portfolio, can you tell us what it was like when you first posed and how it made u feel?

Domo the Model: Oh my, wow, I was a bit at shock. Modeling was never on my agenda as to being apart of my lifestyle at the time. I had never even heard of a female model wearing mens clothing. On top of having low self esteem, I was nervous and I had no idea what to do at all.

Boi Society: So, how does a girl with low self esteem turn into a menswear pioneer. What was that journey like for you?

Domo The Model: Wait…. did Boi(s) Magazine just call me a menswear pioneer. I just stopped breathing lol…… However looking back on my life and the low self esteem I had during my teenaged and young adult years I’ve grown to realize that my inner beauty has always been there. Modeling just allowed me to challenge myself and channel my inner beauty. I look at myself now with so much confidence. I can look at my self in the mirror. I thank the camera for allowing me to express myself for everyone to understand my life.

Boi Society: So, can you elaborate that for us. I mean the last thing I ever expect a model to say is that modeling channeled your inner beauty. How did it do that?

Domo the Model: When you capture yourself in front of a camera it leaves you with an image… that image is you(myself) As a model looking at yourself your facial poses. For myself looking at my images and studying my work allowed my to love my flaws. My flaws being what made me feel insecure in thepast. When I was younger I rarely looked in the mirror. I took pictures but I never looked back at my family pictures or any pictures because I had a huge complex about myself. I hated being dark skinned, I hated my fat nose. I hated my big lips, I hated the glasses I wore. And little Domo wasn’t the one with the cuties either. lol It was bad for me. But NOW I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. I thank Jason Rayford for asking me back in 2012 pose for his camera.

Photo by: Rose Moroney
Photo by: Rose Moroney

Boi Society: Wow that is so inspiring. So not to toot our own horn (toot toot), but Boi Society Magazine was the first to publish your work in a print publication in 2014, how would you say you have grown since then?

Domo the Model: Yes you guys were. I still thank you guys as well as everyone else that was involved til this day. I remember looking back at that magazine and seeing my picture published and as I’m flipping through the pages I seen and read Brittany Duet interview and now I myself have an interview with you guys it’s a huge accomplishment for me. Since then I’ve learned to shoot with purpose. I’ve walked in many fashion shows including New York Fashion Week this past September. That was thebiggest show of my career. Walking for Jag and Co. Studying my runway walks,poses, and staying creative. So many times I do get eager just to shoot just to have something out here for the world to see and when you do that it becomes a disaster. I’ve learn to study my craft and to keep giving people what they say is impossible. Control the things I can control and leave the rest to God.

Boi Society: We are so honored to have been part of your journey. Can you tell us some of the things you have had to over come through your career?

Domo the Model: The biggest thing for me is constantly having to prove why I belong in this industry. The lack of support in my hometown is crazy. For me I can’t just work with people in my city they don’t understand the vision in which I am portraying. People have to see it to believe it when in actuality believing is seeing. Anything else, I pretty much just brush it off my shoulders. People never thought my career would be what it is today and I’m blessed to say I’ve come a long way and it’s only the beginning. I never take no for an answer so when they say I can’t because I’m only 5’4 or I can’t because I’m gay and engaged or I can’t because I wear men’s clothing I tell them YES I can and I show them through my work not my words.

Photo by: Rose Moroney
Photo by: Rose Moroney
Boi Society: You seem to have such an amazing drive and passion for what you do, what keeps you motivated? and what would you tell young queers who want to pursue their dreams?
Domo the Model: I’ve always been very determined. Modeling for me is a new found love. My passion for this is at an all time high. I wake up and go to bed with modeling on my mind. I just want to be great. I’m not trying to be anybody but myself in doing this. I do this also to inspire people to do whatever it is that is on your heart. You will hear more No’s then Yes’. You will get discouraged more times than encouraged because of the world that we live in. But what keeps me going and what will keep you going is knowing deep in your heart that you can do all things. No matter what the next man may tell you. Prove it to yourself that you can do it.
Boi Society:Wow, what great advice. you can really hear the passion in your tone. So how did you get into New York Fashion Week?  Who did you walk for? and How did that feel. That sounds like an amazing milestone to hit.
Domo The Model: I actually had established a cool friendship bond with Jag from Jag and Co. She would always reach out to me on Instagram and facebook, hit me with encouraging words. Then she asked me to model for her line last June for Rainbow Fashion Week NYC. Went down there had an amazing time met some important people and did a great job on the runway she invited me to come back for New York Fashion Week to walk for Jag and Co again. So I thank Jag tremendously for allowing me to represent her brand for that event. I had a great time. Just being in the atmosphere of NYFW is crazy. I walked the same runway as Raindove and Merika Palmiste. I was in the building with people you see on TV, And the best part about it was when you hit that stage all eyes are on you. You have no choice but to give it your all and show them why you are here.
Boi Society: Awesome, well we are well aware why you are here and love supporting you on your journey to success. Before we go is there anything you would like to add? 
Domo the Model: I want to thank you Bois. For talking with me it means a lot. I want to thank all of my supporters around the world. It truly means everything to me to know that you guys are rocking with DomoTheModel. Thank you for being loyal to me. Love you guys forever and a day. Keep up with DomoTheModel on Instagram, SnapChat and facebookDomoTheModel, Twitter: DomoTheModel_
Photo by: Michael Wood
Photo by: Michael Wood
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